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"I have sought Elizabeth's expert and professional services for several of my concerns because she is extremely effective at what she does. After meeting with her [just once] in her office, all of our sessions have been done over the phone in the comfort of my home. She is very affordable, and most importantly, she is the best hypnotherapist and you will be delighted, as I am, with the results."

                                           K.C.   Redding, CA

"Elizabeth Connors-Keith makes behavior change easy; it's that simple. I was a smoker for 28 years on and off (mostly on). I quit smoking after 1 session with Elizabeth. Also, I was an everyday drinker until 1 session with Elizabeth got me to quit drinking entirely. Since then, I have continued to see her for help with other behavior changes. She has helped me get rid of negative habits, and she has helped me instill good habits. I know that if I hadn't found Elizabeth and Hypnosis for Health, I would still be struggling with many issues that I've struggled with my whole life. She has even helped me overcome baggage from previous relationships so that my relationship now is a healthy one. To anyone struggling with behavior change, you must call Hypnosis for Health. Set aside any pre-conceived notions you may have about hypnosis, and make the call. I think the hardest part is just picking up the phone. The behavior change that comes after a session with Elizabeth is easy. You won't be disappointed." 
                                                            Jackie       Mckinleyville, CA 



 "I am in the construction business and, as the saying goes, we work hard and drink harder. Over the years it progressed from social drinking with the boys to every day and weekends. Sometimes we drank at work to cure the shakes. I finally grew tired of it but couldn't quit on my own. Then I researched hypnosis and looked for an accomplished hypnotherapist; that's when I found Elizabeth Connors-Keith. When I left her office I was very focused and full of energy and a non-drinker. No withdrawals or any thought of drinking. It is amazing. Elizabeth is fabulous and her voice is soothing. She gets to my soul and instills things deep into the subconscious. I highly recommend her services for any issue life brings that you may need help overcoming."

Craig Crescent City, CA


 "Elizabeth helped me with sporatic alcohol abuse, which had carried over from my years in the military. After only 1 session the desire for alcohol was completely gone, and I did not replace it with any other negative behavior. Now [after a second session], the thought of using alcohol turns me off with a slightly queasy feeling. Not being controlled by a substance any more is pure freedom, and it was done quickly without the use of medicine, months of counseling or group therapy! I continue to see Elizabeth for other improvements such as increased happiness, more confidence and less stress; whatever I want!"

Anonymous in California



"After a lifetime of issues with anger and lots of talk therapy, I needed to try something different. In researching options, I decided to try hypnotherapy. I contacted Elizabeth to see if she might be able to help me overcome the traumas of my childhood that were the root of my anger. Honestly, I was a little skeptical, but I went for my first session with an open mind. Boy am I surprised by how effective hypnotherapy has been for me. After only a few sessions I am a changed man. I am much more calm and relaxed, and happy! My family and coworkers have noticed the change in my attitude and my reaction to stress and issues that would have set me off in the past. It’s an amazing therapy and I’m so thankful I gave it a try! Thank you Elizabeth!!"

  Anonymous McKinleyville, CA




   Childhood Abuse

"I am a 60 year-old woman and I'm a recovering alcoholic and addict and before I met Elizabeth I was living a way limited life.... I've been clean and sober for 25 years and have had countless hours of counseling, therapy, workshops and education but still lacking a wholesome life. [Since] I've been seeing Elizabeth, the ghosts of my abusive childhood have miraculously lost its power. After every visit the fears, feelings of low self-esteem and my compulsive overeating habits are now easier to get under control and each time I see Elizabeth I'm becoming more & more empowered and my life is no longer limited. I'm really feeling wholesome for the first time in my life."

                                  Linda Segura   Crescent City, CA



"My wife suggested that I contact Elizabeth Connors-Keith to help me deal with a fear of heights that has seriously impacted my life since I was 11 years old. I was extremely skeptical of hypnotherapy, particularly the idea of being hypnotized over the phone. I was amazed by Elizabeth's ability to reach my subconscious mind and came out of the first session feeling relaxed and at ease. After 3 sessions, I am climbing ladders and going on rooftops (important tasks for me as a real estate developer). I also was able to hike a steep and narrow trail and dive off a high platform on my recent vacation to Greece – both things I never would have considered doing just weeks earlier. I believe that I will finally be able to completely overcome my fear of heights. It's reassuring to know that if I do hit a roadblock along the way, Elizabeth is there to help me past it. I can't recommend Elizabeth strongly enough." 

Matthew  Baltimore, MD 
[A man came to me to get help for his fear of eating fish caused by childhood trauma involving eating fish and also for his fear of deep water from a near drowning accident. Later his wife wrote me:] "I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I went to dinner a few nights ago and he ordered Fish and Chips. He actually ate it and said it was good. He will continue to experiment with eating fish. Thank you for your help." [Then even later she wrote:] "When we were in Costa Rica my husband ate fish and went in the pool. It was really great, he actually liked the fish he ate. It really is amazing that you can make such a difference. Thank You again."  
  Anonymous California


 "Amazing and completely effective work!!! Wow. Mind blowing really. The birth using hypnotherapy I never felt so empowered to my own experience. Such crucial tools to help the mind help relax the body as much as it can so it can do what it’s naturally supposed to do. Have a baby in such sweet harmony of my own experience that I created for me & her to experience, it makes sense why this hypnotherapy helped me create love & confidence for her to come into this world! I had a water birth with the hypno[birthing] in a room at Mad River Hospital & thoroughly loved every minute using the technique. So easy and reassuring that I was in charge of my delivery this time. My first baby I did not know about hypnobirthing but my 2nd baby was [a] hypno birth & worth every minute. WOW!!! I highly recommend."

     Cristal Oden   McKinleyville, CA



Nail Biting

"I was a nail biter all my life and was always embarrassed by the bad habit. I tried a number of ways to try to stop and nothing worked. I had been to Hypnosis for Health for other issues and had great success so I decided to try hypnosis for nail biting. It worked and I am delighted. Elizabeth also gives you some very useful tools to re-enforce your success. I have recommended Hypnosis for Health to several of my friends and they too have been very happy with the results.Thanks Elizabeth."
                                           Hazel       Eureka, CA


Smoking/Chewing Tobacco


“I was skeptical that this would work....It’s been 15 months since I quit smoking and I feel great. This has been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. 1 hour and no more cigarettes. I recommend this method to anyone who wishes to quit smoking.” 

                                         Lois Waters     Eureka, CA 



    I cannot thank you enough for transforming me into a non-smoker after just one session with you. I knew nothing about hypnosis and was somewhat skeptical that it could help me quit, even upon leaving your office. Wow, the experience was so subtle, yet it made profound changes in my habits and attitude about smoking. After 25 years of smoking several cigarettes nearly every day, I'm free!    
    The last time I smoked was the morning before I had hypnotherapy by you, nearly a year ago. I was transformed from a self-loathing closet smoker into a nonsmoker seamlessly and with little effort on my part. The fact that it was so easy and natural still amazes me. I have never once picked up a cigarette or thought of smoking one for more than a split-second, and only at the beginning. The first few days, my mind might remember cigarettes because my husband was smoking, but my mind quickly detoured and I never had to tell myself not to smoke.  Becoming a nonsmoker has completely changed my life. Thank you so much.    
    Also, I did not gain any weight or feel deprived in any way. In fact, I started running more and longer, finishing my first half-marathon over the summer."  
                    Anonymous (former 5-10 cigarette-a-day-habit smoker)    

“I was a smokeless tobacco user for 20 years...It has been amazingly easy to give up the habit that controlled me for so many years. On previous attempts to quit I would get headaches, an upset stomach, and was very moody. After hypnosis, I experienced none of the physical or emotional side effects and have been ‘chew free’ for more than three years!  I highly recommend Hypnosis for Health to anyone who is serious about quitting.” 


                                    Tony Giraud   McKinleyville, CA 


"Hypnosis got me to quit smoking and chewing [tobacco]. I thought there was no way I could quit; the nicotine gum, patches, pills, all that stuff is garbage and just makes you want to chew or smoke more. Hypnosis is the only way to go if you Really want to quit. Even after just one session, I didn't even think about smoking or chewing. Hypnosis changed my life and it could change yours too."


                                    Dylan Geck-Moeller  Loleta, CA

 “I didn’t realize that life would be so easy after hypnosis. The desire to pick up a cigarette and light one was gone. Both my boyfriend and I became non-smokers…We took a vacation immediately afterwards smoke free, for the first time in 20 years! The ability to walk by other smokers and not realize that I was ever a smoker is amazing to me. No desire, no panic attacks, just easy breathing and better smelling clothing! I am forever grateful, and forever smoke free! Thank you Elizabeth.” 


                                       Kimberly Sweet   Arcata, CA 


"This really works!! I smoked for 36 years…After one visit I threw my cigarettes in the garbage and never went back to the smoker I was. I feel so much better!! This was easier than I ever thought it would be. I Love being smoke free, I Love all the money I’m saving, but most of all I Love the life that I’m saving (mine!) Thank you so much Elizabeth!! I am a non-smoker and will be for the rest of my life.”                      

                                       Carrie Warren   Eureka, CA

"I had been a closet smoker on and off for over 40 years. Every time I quit, the struggle to stay smoke-free never left me for long. I would eventually pick one up again when I spent the holidays with an old friend who still smokes, the same one who was with me when I bought my first pack at 17. The association was too strong for me to fight. After meeting with Elizabeth for one session, I have not smoked once. Best of all, I have spent 4 holidays with Kim and her husband (both smoke 2 packs a day) and I don't even have the thought, let alone the urge, to join them! It was so easy, with none of the common side effects like weight gain or irritability. Thanks, Elizabeth, for giving me the tools to own my life again!"
  Anonymous in CA


"The hypnosis session I participated in with Elizabeth worked perfectly. I stopped smoking immediately....This type of treatment should be more widely advertised. People should know how well it works and how easy and painless it is."

                                     Lynn Breckner   Eureka, CA

 "I chewed tobacco for over 30 years and was tired of it, but powerless of its grip on me when I found Elizabeth Connors-Keith at Hypnosis for Health. We worked on it through hypnosis. It was not easy, I had a lot of work ahead of me. I think chewing tobacco is as or is more addictive than smoking. Along with four sessions of hypnosis I chewed nicotine gum. By being focused she helped me quit the habit; it has been four months now. I can't thank her enough."

                                     Craig Costa     Stockton, CA

"To you smokers: I smoked for 30 years and tried to quit using patches, Chantix, and now hypnotherapy, I did not stand a chance until hypnotherapy.....I have not smoked, and I have not been a jerk to the world. Give it a try!"

                                     J. Garret Turnfine   Eureka, CA

 "I have had great success with Hypnosis. I have been smoke free for a year and a half since being hypnotized. It was really quite remarkable to walk out of my appointment and not have any desire to smoke. I am enjoying continued success and urge anyone who is having a problem quitting to try this method."

                                       H.H.   Eureka, CA

 "For those of you that smoke and think that you can't quit, I am here to tell you that is not true. I have smoked for 44 years and attempted to quit several times with no success. Then I learned of Hypnosis for Health from a friend. I am now a 'non-smoker'! I am so grateful to Elizabeth for setting me free from the addiction. With her help anyone of you can be smoke-free. When attempting to quit before it was always a struggle. With hypnosis I can't believe how easy it is, how happy I am, and how much better I feel."

                                    Janet Barnhart   Eureka, CA

 "I feel great after not smoking for one month now. For anyone that is looking for a safe and effective way to eliminate their smoking habit, I highly recommend Hypnosis for Health in Eureka. The focus on changing the views of the subconscious mind really works! Do not put this off, now is the time!"

  Sam K. Arcata, CA



Study Skills

 "When I first heard of hypnotherapy it was from television shows and I had never considered it as something I could practically apply to my own life. But, I had an exam to finalize two years of an extremely challenging class and one last chance to pass before having to change career paths. I decided that with one month to go, I would get some help...We set up three strategic sessions to achieve my goal. Each session built upon the last and after only one session I was getting comprehensive results. All the fear and anxiety I had, I was able to let go of. My study sessions became clear and focused, and I was absorbing the information with ease, as if it were my favorite thing to do. Distractions were no longer an issue and I was finally putting in the work in ways that I could not do prior to the therapy sessions. Prior to the hypnotherapy, my studies were ineffective because my mind would wander off to things other than what I would read and the fear of not passing prevented me from enjoying and comprehending what I was reading. After the sessions I was studying with every possible spare moment and finding myself reading up to four hours per night and enjoying the subject matter again! When test day came, I went through it without fear or anxiety... A few days later I got the news that ... I had not only passed, I had aced the exam! Hypnotherapy is a very easy to understand, and practical way to get help with your goals. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a goal and any uncertainty attached to it. Hypnotherapy will help you to bring out your best and achieve whatever it is you know deep down you want to accomplish."

  D.M. Arcata, CA


Weight Loss


“Although I have only been on the hypnosis a short time it has been a positive and enlightening experience. I have learned to control the in-between meals and late night grazing. It reinforces good eating habits and the portion control issues I have had. I am amazed at how well this works and can already feel the results with my clothes becoming looser.”


C.J.  Eureka, CA




“Hi there: Just would like to say that Elizabeth has given me many tools to work on losing weight. I’ve also learned how to relax! My blood pressure, mood and quality of life have greatly improved. I can sincerely recommend Elizabeth; you’ll be healthier!”


Elisa Abelleira   Eureka, CA



"Having used hypnosis to stop smoking 24 years ago, I was confident in my own mind that hypnosis could be used to stop my gluttonous addiction to candy, donuts, cookies, cake and ice cream. I finally found a hypnotherapist in Northern California that I could trust, Elizabeth Connors-Keith. Our first session together was successful. I have not had any sweets or serious 'cravings' since that session. I am confident I will never have them again. Within a few weeks I lost an inch around my waist and a few bad looking pounds too. A week ago I needed a blood test for an exam, which yielded the lowest bad cholesterol reading I've had in 40 years. That is great news for this 69 yr. old. The medical assistant said I was the only senior she had met with this low cholesterol without being on medication! I owe this to hypnosis, as the only thing that changed in my life was 'no more sweets'! Thank you Elizabeth."


  Donald Ott Eureka, CA


"I gained 20 lbs. ten years ago and had never been able to get the pounds off....Elizabeth gave me positive images and 'tapes' to put in my mind in place of the negative thoughts....I have succeeded in losing 15 of the 20 lbs...Hypnosis helped give me the tools to tackle the problem and get to know myself better on the way. It has been the only method that has helped me lose weight, because it is about the mind making loving decisions for your own well-being. Thank you Elizabeth."

Jenny Trewartha   Eureka, CA


"I believe that working with Elizabeth has allowed me to make many positive changes in my life. I have experienced increased energy and a sense of well-being and more positive outlook. My diet has greatly improved and I feel healthier & more focused in my life."

Janis Tillery   Redway, CA


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